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Hello! My name is Julia Jarvis, and I am a rising junior at Connecticut College, double majoring in English (with a creative writing concentration) and Philosophy. After college, I hope to further pursue my passion to write, with an ultimate end goal of self-employment. I’ve known I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was two-years-old, dictating stories about Barbie’s little sister, Kelly, for my mom to transcribe in cardboard-bound books. My first book, titled “Kelly’s Birthday Party,” may not have been complex in plot, but it laid the foundation for my love of storytelling.

fullsizeoutput_240 fullsizeoutput_242 fullsizeoutput_246

For an unknown reason, I believed colored hole punchings were the greatest decorations. It is strikingly clear that my shaky two-year-old hands cut both the cardboard and the paper inside. Bound together with just four pieces of Scotch tape, the book is literally falling apart at the seams.

fullsizeoutput_247 fullsizeoutput_24b fullsizeoutput_24c

Since I was only two, I had not yet mastered the art of quotation marks; in fact, I did not know what they were. Hence why some pages are written in first-person and some pages in third-person.

fullsizeoutput_24d fullsizeoutput_26d fullsizeoutput_250

Fun fact: the left and middle pages are lyrics to a song I made up specifically for this book. I still remember how the incredibly simple tune goes.

fullsizeoutput_251 fullsizeoutput_253 fullsizeoutput_254

I still laugh at the last page

This website is dual-purpose, serving as both a portfolio and a blog.


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